Sunday, June 10, 2012

dear wyatt >> lucky 7

7 months already sweet bambino. this time last year, we were just a few days away from finding out you were a baby boy. we were just a few days away from our little world changing again. when we saw you, your daddy and i were so proud of you. bouncing around in there, in your little zone. you're still like that you know. you like your little zones. your most favorite zone is simple - it's at home. when you're with daddy and i. you are calm, happy, content. just like your mama is when we are all together. you are at the point now where you look for the one of us that isn't in the room. daddy continues to tell me that "monday's are hard" because all you do is look around every corner thinking i'm going to pop out and surprise you. 

this month's W pic was SO hard to take. auntie kaarin did everything she could to help me keep you on your back for 5 seconds and she did pretty dang good! she took the top pic and you are laughing at her in this one. love.

we are having SO much fun with you right now. you're doing a lot of really cute things. things like:

  • giggle attacks on demand
  • cheesy smiles where you squint your eyes 
  • yelling - at the dogs mostly. when they bark, you yell... 
  • sitting up 
  • rolling, rolling, and more rolling
  • eating solids - from the jar... you hate my home made baby food. of course, right? right now you really like carrots, bananas and pears. 
  • knawing on your thumbs (still NO teeth!) 
  • growing what looks to be strawberry blonde hair - i love how it's growing in -- so soft and fuzzy
  • using different grunts and sounds for doggies, mama, and daddy -- you have distinct sounds for each of us!
  • "swimming" (more on that later) 
  • going crazy in your bouncy 
  • aggressively playing with toys - you squeeze them
  • hugs - you are so cuddly. how did we get so lucky? 
  • loving books

you've been sick this weekend. so not fun for you. or us, if we're really honest. but, i became close friends with our moby wrap this weekend. thank God. or should i say, thank moby - same thing. we also used our shower to cheer you up. and it worked. yippee!

we had our first filling out of an incident report today. you got your first shiner at swimming. poor baby. i know daddy feels so badly about letting you tumble over onto your sweet little cheek, but the truth is - it's not going to be your last shiner. and it probably won't be the last time we fill out an incident report little guy. you were actually a lot less rattled than me. i say "actually" as if anyone reading this will be surprised. you are tough. just like daddy. you even got back in the pool and finished out your "lesson". good thing, there were lots of things to learn today - things like having daddy hold you in the water while you chewed on bath toys.

we have a lot of little moments these days, just you and i. i love the special bond we share sweet boy. i love how you are so your daddy at times, yet so me too. today we started our day together while unky and daddy slept in. we sat out on the porch and listened to the fountain and the birds chirp at 7am. you are so content outside. we could have probably stayed out there much longer if it wasn't so damn windy.

anyway, you're perfect. life gets better and better with you.

and if it means anything - monday's are hard for me too.

that's all.

yo' mama

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