Sunday, June 24, 2012

home ownership at its finest

i'm putting a twist on my typical post today - that's not to say that this face doesn't continue to be the epicenter of our world. 

i'm having major issues with my house today. i've come to the conclusion that it has no personality. i wish i knew someone that needed to boost their interior design portfolio and wanted my house as their project. i have no time to do anything i wish i could do myself. i have so many ideas. i know i'm capable of doing some pretty cool things around here, but i just don't have the energy to put into it. i started a list today, after reading one of my favorite blogs and getting some inspiration. 

here goes: (a few inspiration photos included - all from my pin boards on pinterest!)

:: the family room ::

:: photo courtesy of ::

  • put up a picture wall 
  • put shutters in over the electronic cubby that screams "come hither, wyatt. you are soon going to be crawling and your parents are totally irresponsible leaving it like this for much longer"
  • maybe something with instagrams in here? or on stair well?

:: the "heart beat of the house" / kitchen ::

:: photo courtesy of ::

  • new cabinet hardware would be fun
  • always loved apron sinks - would it work in here? 

:: the love nest ::

:: photo courtesy of ::
  • white curtains - floor to ceiling
  • cute dresser - perhaps an antique scored in sno-ho? 
  • what the hell do we do with behind our bed? 
  • should we wall mount our tv? how do we not make it the focal point? that said, what IS the focal point in here? 
  • giant wall mirror

:: our loft ::

:: photo found on ::
  • home office perhaps? 
  • white desk

:: the world's tiniest back yard ::

:: photo by Bret Gum; ::
  • should we paint adorondac chairs? 
  • what about a bench?

anyone interested?

you're hired.

(just as i finished writing the above post, our afternoon shifted into high gear... and by high gear, i mean i lost my shit in our driveway. i'll save that for another post... and by another post, i mean when i find the events humorous enough to post about. right now, i'm still slightly pissed at my husband. hint: think towing a tree out by the roots, when the roots happen to be tightly wrapped around water lines. awesome.)

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  1. I love your house! You have so many personal touches throughout - I feel like you could help anyone cozy up a home. And, I'm in hysterics about the last part of your post. I pretty much can't wait to hear this story!!!!


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