Monday, August 6, 2012

dear wyatt >> t minus 3 months

my little munchkin boy, you are 9 months today! i could seriously cry. you can bet that in 3 months from today - i will be. you will be a year old in 12 weeks. what the?! (that's for you lisa!) i'm still walking on sunshine. you light up this crazy life of ours like nobody's business. how the heck did we get so freaking lucky? you are seriously amazing. like the coolest kid i know. (i'm totally not bias.)

things i'm loving about you right now, per the usual monthly letter to you...

  • you are obsessed with flicking things with your left thumb. so random. so cute. things you flick? your fishy water toys from grammie, rubber ducky in the bath, your spinning toy on jumpie... anything that spins really. anything that doesn't too -- like my fingers when you are getting cozy at bed time.
  • pulling yourself up in your crib, the pack n' play, your standing toy from the dumond's, your baby gate, daddy, me. anything that allows for it, really. 
  • making more sounds - like da.... have a feeling you're going to say dada/daddy a lot sooner than mama. it's ok. i forgive you. 
  • you're a cuddle bug. l-o-v-e.
  • you're loud. you love the sound of your voice. no idea where you get it... 
  • you're dramatic. again, no idea... 
  • you are independent. case in point - you feed yourself those plum pouches now. you push my hand away when i try to help you. 
  • you still have no teeth, so you flash this toothless grin and it melts me. every.single.time.
  • you are so nosy. you stare at people constantly. it's hilarious. 
  • you love attention. from what/who ever you can get it from.
  • you have zero stranger danger. see above. 
  • books are your fave right now - especially peek-a-who. (other mama's / soon to be's - get this dang book. who knew a little book with a mirror and cow print would be such a hit!?)
  • fart noises entertain you - especially when you are making them yourself. only you can make fart noises cute, monkey.
  • you are finally figuring out that getting a reaction out of us is pretty funny. you're going to be that kid that does anything for a good laugh. 
  • you're a ham. you love watching videos of yourself. again, i have no idea where you get it. 
to say that you are your mama's son is an understatement. people may think you look like your daddy, but you sure as heck have your mama's personality. i totally get you. 

thanks for being the sprinkles on our cupcakes, the warm, gooey center of our cinnamon rolls and simply... 

the best part of us. 

happy 9 months buggy!

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  1. So so sweet! It's amazing how quickly they change and grow and how fast they learn new things! It still amazes me how much my son understands even though he can't talk and tell me.


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