Monday, August 27, 2012

the game changer

once wyatt figured out how to sit on his own, things started really lookin' up. apparently finding the strength to sit on your own largely involves the size of your dome. wyatt's 80th percentile cranium didn't really allow for this game changer until about 7 months. i didn't realize what all the fuss was about up until that point either. i learned pretty quickly.

  • grocery store trips are my new fave. my little guy is the absolute best shopping buddy now. who knew? the kid that once cried and screamed through safeway now oohs and aahs through the produce section, laughs as i push him past the puppy food and "arf arf arf" at him, and does what he can to help me through check out - like be in charge of my wallet.
  • restaurants were never horrible with w, but now that he gets his own seat and i can latch a set of toy "keys" to it, life is even better. of course, the germaphobe in the family (rhymed with "sky") has to wipe it down to the max before he cops a squat. at least one of thinks about it. 
  • bath time is so much easier without the infant tub. i will say, i do miss our bath times together, but it's been so much fun watching him explore in there and find his own limits. this week he's taken a few gulps of bath water, but he's learning through every mini panic attack. and i'm always there to "save him". i noticed that with tonight's big drink, he didn't cry and the panic eyes only lasted about a second. the familiarity that came with it was obvious this time. and as soon as it happened, it was over and he was back to exploring what the tub had to offer. 
  • swings are popular in kansas city, and our trip a few weeks ago introduced him into the fun they bring. he was a natural - and i immediately wanted a big toy in our back yard. too soon? 

now that the "just sit there and look cute" phase has passed, he's off and crawling -- and fast. (notice that all of the things i listed keep him safely encased!) i know walking is just around the corner and if i am really being honest, i'd rather he just start walking. he leads with his noggin' (surprised?) and is constantly bonking it.

i find myself constantly holding my breath with this kid. i guess that part will never change, now will it?


i guess those deep breaths just make room for even more glitter and confetti hearts.

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