Saturday, September 8, 2012

dear wyatt >> 10 months

little love,

you are already 10 months old and i know i sound like a broken record in these letters now. but i can't believe how quickly time is flying by. you are our bright light, the good news in every day, our constant "pick me up". we are so lucky.

you are fun. and funny. and so incredibly smart. i know you are going to do amazing things with your life. you are curious, and excited. you are observant and borderline nosey. i love it. i find myself staring at you a lot. trying to see things through your eyes as much as i can. i am on the edge of my seat these days, watching you learn and take everything in around you. i love the reaction on your face when you hear the puppies bark down stairs, or how your eyes light up when you hear the garage door open and know that means daddy is home. it's obvious you love other kids, especially hearing their little voices as you hear them play. you love chasing your shadows and watching the wind blow the trees (you obviously got this from your older sister, maddie girl). in fact, your first big "word"is "buh". which means "blow". you want to watch us blow at your mobile so every time we come into your room that's the first thing you do - look to your airplane mobile and say "buh, buh... buh" until we acknowledge you and your sweet words and say it back. it's pretty much perfect.

you are eager to move - already so independent. the back arches are frequent these days. you want down. you crawl fast. you are determined in everything you do. you are confident. i am seeing this a lot in the bath tub these days. you aren't afraid.

i see so many of these traits becoming part of your foundation. i flash forward to thoughts of you as a young man, sitting across from me at the dining room table with a girlfriend and me repeating the same stories about you - how perfectly adorable and fun and smart and observant you were when you were a baby... and how i knew you would do such amazing things with your life even before you were walking. she'll look at me like i am "that mom" and even if she's annoyed with me, i hope she appreciates how loved you are. she'll be lucky to know you. we all are.

"while we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." -- angela schwindt. i saw this quote on a cute little wall hanging last weekend while we were out and about with you in snohomish. it's so true. you are this innocent little person, already teaching us so much. you have just as much to teach us, as you have to learn little guy.

we love you. (understatement of the century.)

photo credits: daddy of the year.


  1. Beautiful. He is such a sweet and cute little boy!!

  2. this post makes my heart happy. love how you love your little man.


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