Saturday, September 1, 2012

i think i get mrs. duggar

:: my most favorite bump shot, at 25 weeks ::

i used to watch "meet the duggars" and think, "oh hell no". but i think i am actually starting to figure this lady out.

i think she's addicted to the smell and yumminess of a newborn. that coupled with all of the coolness associated with being pregnant. such an indescribable thing creating life, protecting it, and owning that amazing bump.

i saw a newborn at starbucks this week that was a week old, griffin. same exact size and birth weight of my little nug when he was born. i could NOT believe how tiny he was. holy you know what. i instantly felt my ovaries twitch. was i? am i? could i be? ready? again?

:: exactly 1 week old here, just like little griffin ::

it only took about 3 seconds until i smacked myself silly with my laptop charger.

how quickly i forget: that newborn shit is hard.

it's no surprise to any of you when i say, i really loved being pregnant. and i love being a mama. pretty much more than anything. more than hot chocolate cake with betty crocker frosting even. yah, that much. whenever i can't settle my brain at night i always think back to that first week. the scariness of it all is a distant memory, but everything i loved about giving birth, meeting our little guy, and integrating him into our life that first week is vivid, clear happiness.

:: this was 3 days in, right after he projectile barfed on the bed with annie and i :: 

a note for my hubby, the pups, and my good friend and boss, jenn: don't fret. that laptop cord left a mark.

calling all friends that don't have children under 10 months, perhaps my ovaries are twitching for you. get on it. i need my newborn fix, pronto! (i can easily name three of you!) 

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  1. i love that as i was reading this, i'm thinking "girl, this is hard, but oh so rewarding"!! want some newborn fix? just let me know, miss harper is down - especially at 3 a.m. :)


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