Monday, October 8, 2012

chicken soup

remember this post? yah, well i did a little of that again this weekend with my bestie.

i am warm and cozy and full -- full of chicken soup. not the cambell's kind though. more like the home made chicken soup -- with white chicken pieces that came from a chicken my grandma cooked in her cast iron pot. and carrots from the garden. and home made chicken broth. and celery from the local farmer's market.

that kind.

annie and i planned to meet at the master park lot c at 5am on thursday morning. and you want to know how excited i was?

i was early.

that excited.

when you are a kid and you go to bed on christmas eve, there really isn't anything like it. until you are a mom of a 11 month old and it's been over 6 years since you took a long weekend with your best friend - just the two of you. i think i even squeezed my eyes closed as tightly as i could on wednesday night, willing myself to sleep so that the next time i opened my eyes it would be because my 3:30am alarm went off.

i probably would have been 1000% content if all we got was the flight to san diego together. that alone was worth the money to me. uninterrupted time to talk... and talk. and talk. and laugh. and cry. and talk.  i attempted to pump mid flight, in my seat...  which was, well, interesting. and hilarious. she's one of very few people i would have done that with. like i would have wasted precious minutes in the tiny bathroom when i had my bestie to keep me company and entertain me. duh.

the three full days together consisted of something we haven't done in quite some time. a special something called:

taking our sweet ass time.

and being two silly best friends, making a scene at every stop.

my other big take away? we might be wives and moms now, but we're still the ridiculous 18 year olds that met in the dorms at western, matching nokia phones in tow. or the "rule followers" who skipped the bars in canada just to decorate the halls. or the freshman who decided to "color" bikini tops on with crayola markers.

we're still those girls.


love you chick. xoxo.


  1. So nice you got to take a trip with your bestie! My best friend lives out of state, miss her all the time!!

  2. Such good times. I love a good vacation as "old me"


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