Monday, October 1, 2012

fall is in the air

pretty happy with the fact we've had 70+ degree weather for the first two weeks of fall... i love sunny, fall days. we had a little adventure yesterday to the pumpkin patch and i'm not sure we could have had any more fun with our little pumpkin. he was a-mazed with all there was to see at craven farms. such a cute pumpkin farm. a few years back, we went with the stookey's and i can remember us all talking about how much different it would be going there with our kids someday.

the best. hands down. when he's excited about something, like really excited, he'll do this funny "uhhhh" sound but he'll hit about 5 different octaves when he does it. he did it over and over, and over, and over again yesterday. we could barely get him to smile because he was so distracted. this is rare. we were "those parents" yesterday too. big camera. lots of nick name calling, jumping, clapping, tickling. you name it. it didn't work. we had been trumped. and good thing, we needed him to remind us to just... get ready for it... enjoy the moment.

not really sure how much cuter this kid can get. it really is true, you start seeing things through your kids eyes. all of this was so brand new to him and he loved every second of it. we are actually going to head back when they get the animals in the barn. since it was kick off weekend, they weren't pulling out all the goods until they have some of the bigger crowds. makes sense. not. um, it's opening weekend. get with it. 

i really should explain this picture of ty. i just told him he looked like forrest gump. he wore bright white tennis shoes yesterday and they seriously looked humungous up on this tractor. i snapped the picture just as i said it. priceless. this is one of my favorite expressions ty makes - and usually it's when i've surprised him by my irreplaceable wit. it's true.

i have to give it to craven. red wagons? yes, please. this place was fall perfection at it's finest. every turn was made of picturesque-ness times infinity. like these mums. i don't even like mums. but these mums? perfect.

happy fall time, from our home to yours. now i am trying to think about what other fall traditions i want to start incorporating into the jensen fam. gotta fill a few weekends before the house is filled with christmas music, hot toddies, and cookie baking! any ideas are welcome folks.

coming soon: wyatt's 11 month letter, and the little mr.'s first birthday party. what.the.heck.

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  1. I can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch I am SO excited. Looks like you guys had fun.


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