Sunday, October 21, 2012

the new nap

i used to take naps all the time. like, all. the. time. when wyatt was born, i'd try to nap when he would nap. on the harder days around 2-3 months, i'd bring him to bed with me and we'd nap together. since he's started sleeping through the night (oh Lord help me - please don't take this away now that i've put it into the blogosphere!) i haven't 1. really been able to nap since i work during the week and 2. really needed it since i'm actually sleeping at night again. halleluia.

while i may not nap with my little stink pot, i definitely take advantage of the time. and by "take advantage" you might picture me cleaning the house, or folding laundry, or running errands or dusting base boards.

try again.

instead, i am usually writing a blog post, pinning things, enjoying egg nog creamer with a splash of coffee with my hubby, or getting caught up with my closest friends via text.

today is no different. and i'm lovin' it. i kind of feel like a mama bear in hibernation during nap time. cozied up, and saving up all of my energy for my little cub. the "me time" might come in spurts these days, but the smartest thing i do on the weekends is soak it up.

and he's awake. hibernation over.

game on.


  1. Smart momma! I try to be productive when James naps too! Usually that means cleaning but sometimes it means blogging, checking emails, and watching reality tv :)

  2. can i be honest?

    teething is HELL. ON. EARTH.

    please soak up the 'sleeping through the night' phase.

    i vaguely remember it. :)

    or maybe w will be a no-big-teether.

    i'm going to pray for that for you.



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