Thursday, January 24, 2013

the truth about round 2

i know i haven't seen anything yet. i am only 13.5 weeks into round 2, but it's time to get real. it's been much different than round 1, let's just say that. how, you ask?

helllllllllllo nausea! man, this time around kicked my ass when it came to nausea and getting sick. last time i could kick it to the curb with a couple of tangerines and a string cheese. this time, not so much. at about 8 weeks it all started, and thank goodness i had that week off work. i puked about every other day and when i wasn't puking, i felt like it about 85% of the time. i usually could rally from about 9-4 but the peak hours were definitely first thing in the morning and from about 7 until bed time. having a sweet toddler to keep up with definitely made things a bit more challenging!

oh hey fattie. all that nausea brought on a crap load of eating. and too bad tangerines aren't doing the trick. the low calorie go-to's last time around definitely didn't happen this time. but i'll tell you what has happened: mcdonalds (chicken nuggest, quarter pounders, and cheeseburgers from the kids meals), burger master kids meals, peanut butter toast, eggs, cheddar cheese, fatty mcfatterton 100% whole organic milk, starbucks breakfast sandwiches, safeway chinese, red robin, sushi, and tuna fish sandwiches. umm, ya. i look about 5 months pregnant already. i am not kidding you. i seriously look as big, or bigger than i did when i was 20 weeks pregnant with wyatt. you're welcome. i gained 30 pounds with wyatt. i've gained 15 easy already in the gut and ass alone. awesome. i was popping out at 9 weeks, having to hide the growing mound for another 3 weeks before i went public at work. that was fun. i mean, let's get honest. the baby is actually below my enlarged gut and is the size of a freaking lemon, if that! this is snack attack fat coagulating in my midsection.

holy tired batman. i am waaaaaaaaay more exhausted this time. fo sho. obviously having an almost 15 month old to keep up with changes things quite a bit. i also sleep like crap. i wake up to pee twice each night, and usually one of the pee breaks also consists of a trip down stairs for a snack. i'm already sleeping with a pillow between my legs (didn't start that until about 25 weeks in last time -- hello tubby!) and can't seem to get comfortable. i typically wake up at 4 and can't go back to sleep. the moment wyatt hits the sack, i find myself in my bed like a sloth, watching RHOBH, Vanderpump Rules (my new fave around here!!! even ty is sucked in!), and DVR episodes of Giada at Home. i'm out by 9-10pm if i am lucky.

by far, the most amazing part this go round is being pregnant with my soul mate sister annie. she and i are 12 days apart and having her to share in this experience is an absolute blessing. we exchange many a texts about food that crack me up. all we really talk about is food these days. and how in shock we still are that this is actually happening for us. and who is going to go into labor first. and what if one of going into labor triggers the other one to go into labor? you know, the important things.

i guess that's all for now since it's time for me to go eat again. (btw, i had blueberries, 7 layer dip and chips, a piece of cake, fried chicken, and an apple for dinner already.)

oink oink.

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  1. You are cracking me up. I love this post. And can relate to every little piece of it. Except the barfing part. Can't wait to keep packing on the lbs with you. Xoxo


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