Friday, February 15, 2013

life with a 15 month old

this little person continues to run the show around here. right now, he's sitting next to me in his high chair mowing on a frozen teether. he has a mean tooth that won't break the skin. this is the first time he's really pointed out to me that a tooth is bothering him. he pointed at it and cried and squealed in pain. poor baby. he's insistent on watching teletubbies on the ipad right now. so opinionated. and so it begins.

15 months is a kick. he's turning into such a little boy. everyday, he does something new and different and shows us even more of his little personality. here's what he's been up to lately:

  • loving elmo - still 
  • loving teletubbies
  • still obsessed with trucks
  • newly obsessed with pin wheels
  • likes things in two's - he wants two balls, one for each hand for example. 
  • still completely and 100% obsessed with balls - of any kind. 
  • constantly running 
  • best friends with tim noah music 
  • saying a handful of words that probably only ty and i really understand (truck = kuh, kuh, kuh / skid dat dat = ka ka / stack =stk stk stk / snack = yah yah yah / clap clap clap = cok cok cok) and a few others that are pretty straight forward (uh-oh, daddy, da da, lello for yellow, boo for blue, ba for ball) 
  • barely saying mama or anything of the sort. thanks kid. 
  • loves to join in on funny conversations with a big laugh of his own
  • nose scrunching
  • screaming - not awesome. 
  • pointing out ears, head, nose, teeth and my personal favorite, eyes (by blinking them open and closed)
  • bath time is still the best time of the night - newly into bubbles
  • really into figuring out how things work, fit into each other, etc. 
  • does not like the word no - practically melts down when he hears it
  • thinks its funny when mama shakes her head at him 
  • enjoys sharing his snacks and dinner with the dogs 
  • definitely has a "blankie" now - and it happens to be the $12 carters blanket i bought on a whim that he can't live without. he chews the corners. they smell like rancid milk. yummy
  • he would brush his teeth all day long if we'd let him 
  • wants to walk on his own everywhere - does not enjoy the bob stroller, yet again.

i could go on and on.

we had his 15 month appointment this week. and i can't remember any of his stats, other than 25th percentile for weight, 90th for length, and 50th for head. pretty much the same as it's been since birth. i'll have to get back to you on the stats. we've been worried about getting rid of his binky, but the doc said it's really not that big of a deal. we shall see. he doesn't live here, so easy for him to say.

i think i'll write another post later in the weekend about my other little baby, but this is it for now!

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  1. Always love reading your posts! And can't wait to hear tips on having two once your next little comes along :)


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