Monday, March 11, 2013

dear sweet girl,

well sweet baby girl - to say that i am excited to learn your gender today would be quite the understatement. the moment i saw that positive test, i knew you were a girl. the constant morning sickness and icks, also left me pretty confident. last week, i had a few dreams about you being a girl and in last night's dream, pink balloons filled our house today. i knew it. you had to be a girl. i had a few moments of doubt in there, but that was only me trying to prepare for the other 50% chance you could be a little boy. it wasn't that i didn't want another boy. it was just that i wanted a daughter. i've always wanted a daughter. i also wanted something different this time. i know every pregnancy, and baby are different. but i wanted my experience with wyatt to be special, unique and all his. i wanted this go-round, my last time being pregnant, to be special and unique in it's own way. 

again, the puking on the way to work and before bed, was enough to give me all the "difference" i needed but you see, i've dreamt of having a daughter for many moons. mostly, if not only because of the relationship i have with your gramma. my mom and i have a pretty special relationship and i grew up hearing (in the best of times and the worst of times),"i hope you have a daughter just like you someday". well the time is about to come. and i couldn't be more excited. you are going to complete our family. you're going to be the little sister to the sweetest most amazing boy. to think about the bond and friendship you'll have with your brother someday is pretty much the best thing ever. 

when i think about how lucky you are to have such an amazing daddy, i can barely contain myself. you have such a special daddy - and i know, that he is going to teach you so much. most importantly, he's going to teach you how to love and respect yourself because of the example he will set for you. we already have so many dreams for you little peanut. and we learned pretty quickly with your brother, it's not just about the dreams we have for you, it's about the dreams we create together as a family. you are already loved beyond words. i am excited to continue thinking about who you'll be, who you will become, and how much you will add to our incredibly blessed family. in the meantime, continue to grow and cook inside this warm belly. we're half way my sweet love. let the countdown until i kiss those pink cheeks begin. 

love you always, 
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