Sunday, April 14, 2013

family babymoom (no bikini shots for a reason)

this past week was filled with real, no supplement needed, vitamin D - thank you very much. we went away for 5 days - and it was just what this little fam needed. quality time with our little bug, a pool, the hot sun, gramma, unky, nana, popsie, and my ultimate fave - coffee bean.

you know that game where you go around the dinner table and say the high of your day and the low of your day. i'm going to try it now - minus the table. 

high of the trip: enjoying the small moments with wyatt and noticing how much he's grown up - all of the things he picks up on, how he communicates (grunts) with us, how observant he is... how much he loves his gramma and unky (the excitement on his face when he sees them is pretty much priceless -- ty and i never get this reaction out of him. it's like he hasn't seen them for days every time he sees them!). he's at the best age right now. and i am proud of myself for being in the moment last week - something i feel like i haven't done well for quite some time. 

low of the trip: hmm... how do i put this nicely without offending my sweet baby girl someday? hard not to just be honest with this one... being pregnant. feeling large and in charge. wearing tight swimsuits. feeling as if i was growing a baby in each arm. being tired. a lot. not being able to drink by the pool. being tired. feeling fat. did i say that already? 

i've got a couple of post topics i need to get out there -- 1. an update on the second time around (teaser: it's not as awesome as round one, i feel huge, and tired, and not in the moment, and guilty - a lot.) 2. naming this bambinette --- holy crap, what's our problem? we can't land on a name for the life of us. we named wyatt when i was negative 658 days pregnant. this time around, it's sooooo much harder. suggestions welcome at this point - we're just adding to the list.

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