Sunday, April 14, 2013

hippity hop >> easter weekend in photos

i'm playing a super fun game of catch up on here (not). i feel like a lame-o lazy ass blogger these days -- but my justification is that i am trying to spend as much quality time with these wonderful peeps i am proud to call my family. i've done a lot of traveling for work the last month or so, and i am doing this weird thing called "building a baby" that is kicking my ass hard.

easter weekend was a hit. we had the best weather -- 70s and absolutely gorgeous. blue skies, a pretty yard, and some good old fashioned family and friend time. i hosted a bridal shower for my sister in law that i'd say was a pretty decent hit. we had an extremely relaxing easter sunday - split between jenkey time, just us time, and extended family time.

i'm doing uuuuuh lot of reflecting these days, knowing that this little tripod of ours is about to have four legs. i'm soaking in our little man as much as i can. it's a weird feeling knowing that this little routine we have, the one that took, oh i don't know, 17 months to get right is about to be changed up again. it's exciting. and extremely f-ing scary. anyone with me?

until we shake things up again in 3 months, i am going to get this (growing at a fairly large rate) ass in gear and write more - document these feelings (and fears) so that i can look back at this time and remember exactly what it felt like. i know i have these thoughts for a reason - time to get them out of my head (and into the blogosphere!? right...).

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