Sunday, April 14, 2013

the name game

we must say, "what about _____?" at least 3 - 15 times a day, depending on how much time we have together. for example, a typical work day consists of at least 2 texts per day of me throwing a name out there. this past week, we probably tossed a new name out every three hours.

and nothing seems to stick. why is it so much harder this time!?!?!? we can't seem to find "it". the most perfect name for our sweet girl. wyatt's name was easy. no questions. we knew it many moons before i was even pregnant. this time around, as it's been with many things, is different. we have names we like, a few we love, but nothing we are comfortable saying "that's IT!!!!!!' to. the list is getting longer and longer. the one name we thought we liked enough turned into a dog name. i heard about three dogs with the same name in one week and decided game on...

and i never thought we'd be that couple that gets all the way to the point of having our baby before naming her. are we really going to just take this list with us to the birth center, look at her and pick a name? "ahh, ok. she looks like a _______!" or, "i took one look at her and knew that her name had to be _____." or "well, honey - what do you think? _______ or ________?"

worse yet - what if we STILL don't have a name picked out when she's born?! what if we are driving home hours after having her still playing the fu*&ing name game!?

facebook post reads: "baby girl jensen has arrived. born last night at 9:09 pm, weighing 7 pounds. healthy and beautiful. still deciding on her name!"

it's possible. we've been tossing names around since nov 29th. you'd think we'd come up with something by now. nope. the game continues.

please wish us luck on landing on THE NAME by the time my water breaks. the girl needs a name.

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