Wednesday, May 8, 2013

and she has a name

i guess all it takes is to write a post about how you can't figure out what your baby girl's name should be for it to finally come to you. literally, about 6 hours after i wrote this post, it came to us. finally.

we were talking in our room after wyatt went to bed. i told ty that i just wanted a name that was cool and different. i spouted off a few names that i wanted it to be like, but couldn't go with for one reason or another -- too popular, someone we know named their kid that, etc. he agreed with me - "i totally know what you mean. something like 'autumn'..." my response was fast, "yah but something more like 'summer'..."

before i could even finish saying it, we just looked at each other and knew. that was it. we even high fived afterwards. this was serious stuff.

we had been rattling off names for months. all along, i've pictured her as warm, and fun, easy and breezy. sweet, and happy. our girl is going to be all of those things. her name needed to reflect that. why in the world did it take us so long to come up with such a captain obvious name then?!

who really knows. but, the wait was worth it. (which seems to be the theme of this pregnancy already, in more ways than one. more on that later. i've got a lot more to say about this topic, now that's for sure.) our sweet girl has a name. and we love it so much, we have to share it. because, well, her name rocks.

summer james.

it's funny how naming your baby brings it all together. it brings it all a bit closer home. it makes it real. it makes HER more real. it gives this little life inside you a bit more personality. it gives this mama more to day dream about. and hope for. and feel grateful and lucky for. we can talk about her and use a name. ty will ask me how she's doing when i get home from work. "how's summer?" i love that. "she's good", i'll reply.

we're good. we're better than good.

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