Tuesday, May 28, 2013

be you.

dear summer james, my perfect girl.

we're making progress on your room, honey. it's all coming together. it's pink. like really pink. but as your daddy says, "what better time to paint a room pink - we're having a baby girl!" he's right. and i love how different it is than your brother's room. it's girly. and bright, and you.

i've picked out a few really fun things for the walls, including a couple of fun things we'll frame, a cute little wall hangy thing for some of your headbands, a pillow cover with gold detailing and some baskets for your swaddled blankets and burp cloths. your closet is stuffed to the brim, thanks to auntie's hand me downs of ali du's and a few fun things i've been collecting along the way.

so far, one of my most favorite things in your room is something i came across during our roughest month together so far. the month where we waited for your chromosomal results. not an awesome month on the outside, but deep down it was a turning point month for us. we bonded. you were part of me. part of this family. the results really meant nothing, other than the path we'd travel on together moving forward. it would be a significant chapter in our story, but it wouldn't define our love for you. i knew then, just like i know now, you are perfect. you are ours. you are you.

your daddy found the frame this weekend and it suits both the print and your room perfectly. i see it and i think about that time, but most importantly i think about you - and who you already are to me.

we love you. no matter what. no matter your choices, who you love, who you want to be, who you become, what you do, what you don't do. we just want you to be happy. and bright.

and most of all - you.

love you always little chickadee,
your mama.

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