Saturday, August 17, 2013

dear summer >> 10 days in

dear summer girl,

where do i even start? you are a dream come true. the sweetest girl. the most beautiful daughter. we are beyond lucky, blessed, and all the words synonymous with those. ten days in, my heart has quadrupled in size - for your daddy, your sweet brother, and of course for you.

you've been such a trooper these first few days out of the womb. it's noisy here, i know. you don't have the layers between you and this crazy house anymore, so i am sure it's been a tad overwhelming. we've got the obvious - wyatt, but then the pups, the clangs of thrown cars, uh-oh yells, frustrated toddler screams, dropped sippy cups, etc. you flinch at times, but mostly do your best to roll with the punches - sometimes literally. wyatt loves you already, he just has a tough time showing it. i know you two are going to be the best of friends someday, but right now, i am starting to wish you were born with a helmet.

you are quite the little nurser. wow, how did i get so lucky. i keep telling myself that 1. your brother was a challenge when it came to nursing and 2. my pregnancy with you was not a walk in the park so i must have earned some points there and have redeemed them in the nursing department this go round. you were a natural right from the get go. it's almost as if it was a natural instinct or something. :)

the same can be said for the sleep department. on day three you gave me my first 4 hour stretch. i've had at least a 4-5 hour stretch each night, until last night. i will take it. you are such a great sleeper. i owe you kid. thank you, thank you, thank you!

you look great in green. like, really great. it's your color, girl! of course you look fantastic in pink too, but you were born with this amazingly sweet olive skin. i could eat you. perfect skin, awesome lashes, blue eyes, you name it. perfection. i am of course your mama, and a lot bias.

we swaddle you a lot because you seem to like being burritoed up. you also seem to really like your wrap. another win! this helps a lot being the second kiddo, let me tell you. being arms free with a toddler is pretty much a must.

you seem to really love your crib, which i love because you look so dang cute and small in it. your room is so happy. i love spending time in there each day. i'm glad we went with the pink/white/gold theme. it works for you and your already developing personality!

we had your first ped appointment this week, and you're growing so much. at birth, you were albs 8.5 oz and 21 inches long. at your appointment yesterday, you were 8lbs 10oz and 21.25in long. growing girl! we also had our first family photo shoot this week and you did so awesome. we were so proud of you! 5 hours of picture taking!

it's been the most amazing 10 days. definitely challenging at times, but every day gets easier (mostly) and our love for you just gets bigger and bigger. you are the sweetest little lady. everything about you is yummy. even those mustard poops! :)

its time for you and i to get ready for bed. this consists of a diaper change, a good feeding, and a tight swaddle. here's hoping for at least three hours my love.

sleep tight angel,
your mama loves you.

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