Wednesday, August 14, 2013

dear wyatt >> 21 months already!?

sweet bug,

you are seriously so much fun at 21 months. all of the things you are doing, learning and teaching us are to die for. i am so in love with everything about you. you were 21 months last tuesday, aug 6th. you woke up that day, having no idea that you were going to be meeting your little sister soon. i of course knew, and expected that she would be born that day. that morning i had been having contractions for about 10 hours. your daddy got you ready for school, and i cried when i looked at you knowing that the next time i saw you, you'd look like such a big boy. you will always be my baby, but you have grown up so much. and there's nothing more eye opening than seeing your "baby" next to your "infant". someday you will know what i mean by this. i already know you are going to be the most amazing daddy some day. you've been playing with your baby doll the past couple of days and my heart almost bursts out of my chest when i see you doing things to the doll that you've seen daddy and i do with your sister the past week. the other night when you first started playing with him, you put him in the swing down here that we have set up for summer. you would swing it, say "ni niiii" and put your head down into the doll. we got your stool out so you could stand on it and push the buttons on the swing that play music. you picked the baby up out of the swing, and when i looked down again, you were patting his back and tilting your head into him. already so intuitive to properly provide neck support to him. a natural already! 

i could write for days about everything you are doing right now. 

you started going to bright horizons two days a week in june and it's been so incredible seeing all of the things you have learned while there. most notably, the talking. you weren't talking much before you went but that first week, it was like a little switch turned. you started to attempt to say every word we asked you to say. you started being more chatty and trying new sounds. two months later, you are still obsessed with trucks and cars and say those words the most each day. you say (or sort of say but we know what you mean) mama, mommy, dada, paxton, jay, kids, baby, bubbles, shoes, hot, cold, hat, back pack, mammy, flag, toy, milk man, outside, up, ball, bath, balloon, puppy, cheese, wee wee (more on this later), poop, pee pee, cookie, ginkie, gankie, bye, moon, and more i am sure. these are the popular words that make up your daily vocab. i love your sweet voice. 

still totally and completely obsessed with pinwheels - "wee wee": anything with a stick that spins. this includes, pin wheels, fans of any kind, flags (which we have started to differentiate), signs, etc. your favorite pin wheel is from world market and you like us to roll all the windows down so you can watch it spin in the wind. 

you started peeing and pooping on the potty with grammy on your 21 month birthday. i haven't attempted to try this since you've actually done it since i just gave birth, but we'll try soon. 

you love to play with paxton. obsessed really. you light up when you know we are going over there. i don't think there is anything else you'd rather do than go over to the stookey's to play with him. you are so incredibly comfortable over there. you love asking for snacks. actually, you are practically signing "more" as you are walking through the front door. you love checking out what kind of snacks auntie lisa has out on paxton's table. you especially love eating blueberries and fish crackers over there. you are so giddy when you and paxton run around together. you love their toy house so much, especially the door bell. 

you love being chased - especially when you think the dogs are chasing you. they rarely are, unless you have some kind of food in your hand. you giggle and scream up the stairs, down the hall, around the kitchen island when this happens. i hold my breath most of the time waiting for you to wipe out, or clock your head on a corner somewhere. it's super relaxing for this mama :) 

you have loved this amazing weather we've had. we've had warm, hot even, sunny days since may. you've played in the water almost every day this summer. you love your pool in the back yard. especially when daddy fills it with warm water. you love your water table. ditto for all things outdoors at the stookey's. you love bubbles. love. love. love. you could watch bubbles floating in the background forever. you have the best time on swings at any park that has them. your brave and usually always attempt the slides too. 

you love bath time. i love bath time. this is the time where you settle down for the night. it's part of our nightly routine and i it's so fun to watch you and those little buns swim around in the tub. even when i was hugely pregnant, i'd sit on my ball most nights because i hated missing this part of our day. 

mexican food is your bff. you will always eat such a huge dinner if it entails beans, cheese, avacado, rice, and some kind of taco seasoned meat. you make your daddy very proud. i know he's secretly excited to share a 'rita with you someday my sweet. 

you are the most amazing little boy. i mean, really amazing. you are cool too. and funny. so silly and your sense of humor kills your daddy and i. we live for each day with you. and now we are entering into a new chapter. seeing you as a big brother, even in just a week, has really been something special. you are little obsessed with your sister. you make us so proud every day. we are lucky to know you and be apart of your special little life. always know that we get up everyday to be your mama and daddy. you're that incredible. 

love you always and always.
your mama.

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