Thursday, August 22, 2013

open your mind >> placenta encapsulation

about 5 minutes after annie and i found out we were going to be pregnant together, she sent me a link about placenta encapsulation. for those of you that have no idea what this is, your reaction right now is pretty much the same as mine was i'm sure... wtf is that? this isn't the exact post, but it was something like this... i read it, and my mind opened.

my post partum experience with wyatt wasn't horrible, but when i look back, it wasn't cray-cray free either. remember this post? i had my crazy moments, and when i thought about having another baby, with another baby, i knew i needed to do whatever i could to set myself up for success. i knew i wouldn't have time for any extra roller coaster rides, and if "eating" my placenta would help with that, then why the hell not? there's a reason your body and mind might take a severe crash/dip around that 4-7 day mark after you give birth. you just released one of the most nutrient rich organs from your body. an organ that has been living inside you and providing nutrition and goodness to your little person and to you. without it, your body is forced to rebalance really quickly. this is hard work - and will obviously cause you to not feel like yourself. i didn't want an extreme case of that this time. reducing the risk was really important to me.

annie and i kept it on our radar and as we got closer to the end of our pregnancies we continued to research it. as i got even closer to my due date, i learned that one of our midwife assistants at eastside did it. knowing that i had someone at the birth center that would just take my placenta away immediately after the birth, and magically turn them into little vitamins for me and return them to me within 24-48 hours sounded like a gift from God. sign me up!

less than 48 hours after summer was born, marja personally delivered my pills to me. my placenta made about 145 pills and she told me to take two, three times a day for the first two weeks and then as needed from there. as needed? what did that mean? well, i will tell you - when you feel like you are going crazy, you pop a couple of these suckers and within 30-45 minutes you instantly feel like you took an upper. i can tell that my milk supply boosts during this time, and so does my mood. they've been insanely good for me. i have felt so much better this go round. less crazy, happier, more balanced, and more energy for my little guy.

worth. every. penny. ($150 for me because i am a client at the birth center - i got a little hook up!)

my milk supply has regulated on it's own relatively easy. it also came in without me really even knowing it. i never had any engorgement issues. this might be because of pills, might be because i only went about 9-10 months not breastfeeding. (i literally got pregnant and quit nursing the same weekend i think.) i feel like i also healed "down there" a lot faster this time than last time. also a bonus when you have a toddler. you want to spend as little time "toddling" after them! i also went to my post partum check up and my uterus was already completely back to it's normal home and it's normal size. (my belly fat - not so much -- in due time!)

some argue that the verdict is still out about this whole thing, but honestly even if it's mental, taking these pills have helped me. even if it has been due to the placebo effect. i'll take it.

so, the short of it is this -- i know it sounds "gross" and "weird" but if my mental state and overall disposition is kinder, more balanced, happier, and better to be around, then i'll encapsulate "gross" and "weird" any day of the week.

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