Monday, August 12, 2013

this new life

so we're 5 days into this new life of ours. this new, and perfect life. and by perfect i mean full of change, and transition, and newness, and adjusting. a new life of heart bursting moments, and heart wrenching one's too.

it's all amazingly good. and there's a lot i want to share about these first few days. but not a lot of time to do it. we're doing all the things we should be doing right now and every day gets easier and easier. wyatt is surprisingly obsessed with summer. i didn't expect this at all. i thought he was going to be too busy to notice her. he is obsessed. and aggressive. think: of mice and men. it's a tad nerve wracking. for now, here's the last few days in pictures. i've written her birth story, but waiting to include a few pics from our birth photographer before posting.

we've hunkered down and embracing the changes as they've come. we're a team and if i thought i was crazy in love with my husband when wyatt was born, multiply that feeling by infinity this time around. having a toddler while bringing another little person into this life is incredibly different. we've gotten such amazing support from our moms, which we would have died without those first couple of days. our houseful of trucks and cars is now accompanied with accents of pink - burp cloths, swaddlers, binkies, and onesies, scatter this place. it couldn't be more perfect. wyatt seems so big to me. his smile takes up his entire face every morning when he realizes he gets to see the "bebe" and the pure joy coming from that kid is contagious.

we are happy and we know it. sing with me now.

more to come as we continue to learn new things about our family. thank you to everyone for your continued support and love. we can't wait to share our girl with so many of you after we get a bit more settled.

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  1. i'm loving all the pics that I've been devouring on facebook, your blog, and instagram! sj is such a little love and cannot believe how amazing wyatt is with her!! kudos to you mama and wishing you all good days and nights with your two kids (crazy pants!)!!!


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