Sunday, September 15, 2013

toddler book review

we are into books around here, big time. i want to remember the books our little guy is loving these days not only to pass onto so many of my fave mama's but also so we have these books around when our kiddos have kiddos. my mom kept our favorite books and passed them down to wyatt and we'll pass them on to trev/cam's future kids and our future grandkids!

here's my breakdown, all easily searchable on amazon!

Goodnight Moon - this one is a no brainer for most. i will tell you, when i first started reading books to wyatt, i DID NOT get this book at all. wyatt could care less. until he noticed the red balloon. then he noticed the hot fire. then the moon. oh, the moon. that's where we are today. he has to point the moon out on each page, along with the balloon and fire. i'm waiting for him to notice that creepy "old lady whispering hush"...

Happy Baby ABC's - this book was an early fave, and continues to be. i think it has to do with the balloon (weird -- such a crazy balloon fetish!) and car towards the end. he loves pointing at the different pictures so i can tell him what everything is. he's getting better about telling me now!

On the Night You Were Born - this might be more of my favorite than his... i absolutely love the story and it makes me cry everytime we read it together. such a sweet book and such amazing pictures. and of course, there's a moon on every page. obsession fed.

The Best Mouse Cookie - this is a new favorite. we just discovered this book on his book shelf, as it was passed down from unky Cam. this used to be one of his favorite books and now, due to wyatt's new cookie craze, it's one of his too!

Roadwork - probably his all time fave book right now. we read this every day before nap and bedtime. when we mention nap or bed time, he will say "ro-wuk" 100 times just to ensure we know this must be read. love how he says it. adorbs. there is also a moon on one of the pages.

I am a Puppy - this is also a new favorite. This is actually Trevor's book and it was saved and passed down by my mom, forest green magic marked up pages and all (thanks to me!). it's about a little sweet beagle and it reminds us of snoopy. pretty perfect.

Go Tractor, Go - this was a gift when i was pregnant with wyatt and i have no recollection who it's from. it came with a little john deere tractor and wyatt loves it. it's one of his first favorite books and it was the first book he could say. "gotujfksflgo!"

Thomas Pop Up - this book came from my dad last christmas and probably shouldn't be man handled by a 22 month old quite yet. we read this to him and hold it for him. it makes noises with each pages pop up and he calls it the "choo choo" book and pushes his lips out really far when he says it. love love love. never want to forget that face.

Little Blue Truck - such a cute book with such a sweet story - help your neighbors is the jist and it's got the cutest pictures. so sweet. one of wyatt's first words was "stuck", along with "truck" and in this book a truck gets stuck. how awesome is that. he loves it. i love reading it to him more though i think.


what's your favorite book to read to your kiddos?!

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