Sunday, November 10, 2013

dear sj >> 3 months flew

hi my sweet - holy smokes, did three months fly by. you are a dream come true, that is for sure.

my biggest takeaway from your third month is that you are such a happy baby. you smile constantly. you cry too, but you smile more than your brother did at this age. wyatt's expression of choice was scowl most of his first 4 months. you on the other hand, light us up with dimple filled grins. i still love wearing you. you fight me sometimes, but once i get you in a position where you can still watch what's going on around you, and fall asleep on your own terms, we're usually good to go.

we had our first plane trip together this month, and you did awesome. we went to visit the bowen's in KC and it was so much fun. you proved to be a resilient little thing. thank you for that. the plane trips, the time change, the new environment, and screaming toddlers on our flight home - you rocked it, girl.

your perfect. we love you more than words could ever tell you. i'm going to spend the rest of my life doing all i can to show you. and maybe in return, you'll let me put mascara on these lashes someday.

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