Sunday, January 5, 2014

first time crazy mom

dear wyatt - tomorrow, you'll be 26 months old. two years, two months. two years ago, you were this little monkey. scrawny legged, unsure of this world you live in, and definitely unsure about your crazy parents. we were so new at this whole parenting thing. i was so up tight. i look back on your first two months, and compare it to your sisters, and man. you poor baby. i was such a first time mom. over bathing you meant you always had dry skin. and over feeding you made you such a little barfer. i've learned so much about being a mom, at your expense my little munchkin.

here's the honest truth. i was a first time mom with you when you were born, and despite having another babe, in many ways i'll always parent you like the first time mom i was two years ago. everything we do with you is a first. every stage is unchartered territory my love.

hang on tight, kiddo. and i'm sorry for being such a rookie. i think i'll always be a rookie with you, and you'll always think i am crazy.

at least you'll always know i love you. that will make up for it. it has to.

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