Wednesday, January 1, 2014

looking ahead // 2014

we're here. in 2014. and i know it's going to be a year of gratitude, balance, and peace. i just know it.

ty and i went to dinner last night, just us. albeit at 4:30, but dinner as a couple on NYE nonetheless. and it was perfect. we talked, and talked. and talked some more. we reminisced, planned, and looked ahead. we talked about what we hoped we'd be reflecting on in a year from now. our hopes for our kids, our family, and each other. our priorities.

it's easy with kids to forget about us. each other. it's easy to be too tired. too overwhelmed. too careless. too lazy.

too whatever.

none of those things are good enough of excuses, because at the end of the day we're living the life we always dreamed of. but if we're really being honest, it's not good enough to just live that life. we need to feel it, appreciate it, and never take this hand we've been dealt for granted. it seems there have been a lot of reminders lately - big ones, and small ones - that tell us to trust our guts, and love this life we have created a little, or a lot more. and it really does start with us. our marriage.

here's to not being too tired, too overwhelmed, too careless and too lazy. here's to loving each other more. thanking each other more. laughing with each other more. it's time to look ahead to our next NYE dinner, holding hands and looking back on 2014 feeling gratitude, balance, and peace.

cheers to you, and whatever your hopes are for the year ahead.

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