Saturday, March 8, 2014

dear summer // 7 month letter

hands down, my favorite month so far. weird. 

you are expressive, and your voice is heard my love. you are so much more vocal now. as i sit here with you (and your budding teeth), you are squealing at me to look at you - even if it's just for a split second. you want attention. you want to be noticed. you love to be loved. you are smiley and silly. you giggle. you love your family. you definitely know your people, but you don't take too long to warm up to new faces. you use your hands. a lot. you love to feel new textures, and faces, and my hair. your clammy little fingers always seem to find my hair. i totally get women that get the mom-cut now. 

you grab, you sit, you roll (and roll and roll) and you kill me your big wide open mouthed grin. and the dimple. don't even get me started on your single cheeked dimple. 

here's what you don't do… you don't eat solids. you don't like bananas. or carrots, or apples. you don't sleep through the night. you don't skip a meal. you don't like to do the same thing for too long. you don't like being smothered by your brother, and you definitely don't like being ignored. 

you love your daddy, and his raspberry kisses on your belly. you love watching people clap and sing and run and be silly. you often glue your eyes to the puppies, desperate for them to walk close to you. you love the outdoors - and the two days in the last week that we've had a peek into some spring time weather, you've loved being outside in the ergo. 

the sitting up thing has been a total game changer around here. so so so glad to be in this phase where you can be planted down squarely on your tush and you stay there. i know it's going to be very short lived so i am eating it up. you will be up in everyone's mix in no time. your brother seriously is clueless. his world is about to change. the grabbing will quickly seep into the world that is wyatt. give him a run for his money girlfriend. 

you're everything and anything i ever hoped to have in a little girl. i'm loving every second of your perfect life. you have some big plans ahead. you are going to go places, kid. that smile is going to change more lives than you know. 

love love love, 
your obsessed mama.

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