Monday, April 14, 2014

dear summie // 8 months

dear little one, growing into quite the big one right before our eyes.

you're 8 months and wow. that month flew. you are amazing. here's all the fun things you're doing now:

  • finally eating foods. this totally kicked into high gear about 5 days before your 8 month birthday last week. your faves so far - watermelon, peas, black beans, cheese, and veggie purees (squash, chicken dinner, green beans, peas). you aren't super into the fruit purees yet. (silly me, why would i think you were into sweets!?) you'll eat the puffs to start, then we'll just pile food on your plate and see what you go for. you did pretty good with cottage cheese tonight too. oh yah, and duh - yogurt. that's how i started figuring you out. you took a bite of my yogurt while in your bouncy and i swear you looked at me like i had been holding out on you for way too long. the same thing happened when i gave you green beans the next day. sorry kid. you like eating apples in your little mesh pouches too. i give you anything to try for the most part. the whole, wait three days for an allergic reaction thing doesn't really fly around here. 
  • you've got teeth - your two bottoms popped this month. so cute. and sharp. ouch. you get my drift. 
  • you love attention - you have to be noticed. 
  • you are silly, and happy and have the most contagious little scrappy chuckle. the best. 
  • you have an official lovie. it's one of those little giraffe blankets. i don't think it's ever been washed. (that has to change. wow.) 
  • your hair grows up. it's fluffy and light and whispy and a bit frizzy. shocker. 
  • the outdoors are your friend. we've had sunny weather lately and you are laid back and entertained out there, just watching the other kids run and play. love this about you. 
  • you are so very close to crawling my love. so close. up on all fours the last few days, rocking that tush like crazy. any day now, our life is going to get a hell of a lot nuttier, and kiddie proofed. 
  • you do not like the easter bunny. 
  • or bananas.
  • or being forced to stay on your back for diaper changes, or monthly photo shoots. 
  • you are a good shopping buddy. 
  • screaming (for fun and attention) seems to be your preferred communication mechanism. (not ours, for the record.) 
  • you are still nursing and i'm still loving it. minus the random bites that always scare the crap out of me - you're so deliberate when you do it… it's like you are checking to see if i am awake or something. i told you "no" the other day and you started crying, pretty much like you knew what just went down - gave me a little glimpse into our future girlfriend.

of all things, you're continuing to live up to your name. you're easy. breezy. and warm. you're cool. and fun. and just plain sunny and beautiful.

happy 8 months little munchkin.

your mama.

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