Tuesday, May 20, 2014

dear summer // 9 month letter

hi my sweet little love muffin. you are 9.5 months and holy crap, you're fun.

you are crawling, and clapping, and laughing, and shouting…. and simply a joy to be around. we are absolutely 100,000,000% in love with you. obsessed with your every move, your every smile. you are on the move, sister. pulling yourself up, cruising (a bit) and showing off those 4 hilarious little teeth every chance you get.

we. can't. get. enough. happy 9 months to you, our precious little chick.

love you, to all of the moons and back.

your mama.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

dear buggy >> two, and a half.

wow, little guy. you are two and a half today. and yah, it's pretty obvious.

it took you 2 hours to finally fall asleep today. after an hours worth of waiting for you to poop, you did. then another 45 minutes of fighting it from there. pretty typical these days.

there are so so so many things i love about this age of yours. you are so fun, and full of life. and silly. your vocabulary impresses me every day, and your ideas and little way of thinking totally amazes me. you are smart, kid. so smart. too smart for me most of the time.

you are still totally obsessed with cars, bubbles, trucks, trains, anything sweet for the most part, and your sister. you are sensitive and passionate. very strong willed. you love being outside, especially with your bestie, Pax. you love your daddy. the bond you two share kills me. i love watching you learn from him. everyday he teaches you something new. how to wash the cars has been the latest i think. fixing things is now your expectation when you are with him. "fixth it".

the thing i love most about this age is your independence. the thing i hate most about this age is your independence.

i love your spirit, your smile, and your sensitive heart. i hope you are always an opinionated, spirited, sensitive guy.

thank you for making this life worth living my very best each day, and for your patience as i learn how to be the best mom i know how to be.

love you for always,
your mama.

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