Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dear Wyatt - You're 3.

Dear Wyatt,

You're 3, my love. And I'm two months late on writing to you. You are so many things right now.

Chatty - you are talking constantly. Saying so many things - there isn't a single word you won't say now. If you hear something for the first time, you'll repeat it back and add a question mark to the end, indicating you aren't sure what is being referenced and that you need further explanation.

Musical - currently, we're into anything and everything in the "toddler tune" category, or Frozen. Let It Go is a constant these days. And I have to admit. I don't mind.

Independent - always, always, always wanting to do your own thing.

Potty Trained - thank you baby Jesus.

Curious - about everything. Questions all the time. "Why, why, why?"

Artistic - you love to draw, color, paint, cut. Oh, and the stickers. So many stickers.

Outdoorsy - it might be 20 degrees outside, but you don't care. You love your pedal free bike that you got for your birthday. You're so good on it too.

Frustrating - you kill me. You're strong willed, opinionated, "spirited". You're smarter than me a lot of the time.

Picky - about food. You barely eat. Unless it's a cake pop, donut, or cookie. You will eat macaroni and anything cheesy. Or processed. #wecavetomcdonalds

Car-obsessed - and by car, I mean anything with four wheels - firetrucks, garbage trucks, wee-noo's (ambulance, cop car), beep-beeps (Jeeps), tractors, you name it.

You're getting better at the "big-brother" thing. Still sometimes only tolerating Summer, but starting to seem a lot more interested in what she's doing. You want her to follow you around and do what you do, and you hate it when she follows you around and does what you do. You're amazing with her (most of the time) when you don't think we're watching. Like today, you held her hand up the stairs. You kissed her head out of the blue yesterday. This morning, when she saw you for the first time when you woke up, she about barreled me over so she could get to you and give you a hug. You two together are my heart beat. It's why I can be a little more patient with us as we learn how to be a family of four - 17 months later. Yes, we're still learning.  You're a leader with her, the typical first born. Bossy, pushy, impatient. And at the same time, loving, patient, encouraging, and warm.

I am hard on you. I know that. I have really high expectations when it comes to you and often forget you're only three. I am not sure why. Maybe it's because I know what you're capable of. I know how smart you are. I know how incredible you are, and will be. I expect you to be a good kid. A respectful teenager. A wise man. A caring father. A contributing citizen. I want you to be a good man, someone people respect and learn from and want to be around. I'm always going to expect a lot from you, Buggy. And I'll probably always call you Buggy. Or Munchy. Or Baby. Or Lovie. #getoverit I am more and more patient with you as you get older. I think it's because I get you, my little fellow Scorpio. You have so much of me in you. I see your little ideas in your head. Your mannerisms when you play remind me of how I used to play. You're excitable, passionate, easily annoyed, whiney,  sensitive, and extremely easy to read. Your a good communicator, and you have high expectations of yourself. I know a lot of that has to do with me, but I do believe a lot of that is just who you are. You are already starting to see what you're made of. And I love that.

I am so proud of you. You are learning and growing so much. You are resilient. You are entertaining, exhausting, and all things amazing to this family. The love I feel for you is one of my best defining traits. You have taught me so much, and I know you'll always be that for me. A teacher.

I love you little one. The sprinkles on my cupcake.

Your Mama.

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