Thursday, February 23, 2017


so much has stayed the same since i last wrote to you both -- you're both still loving life at your montessori school, we still love our house/not so love our neighborhood, and you both are continuing to entertain us with the paradox of sibling-hood. this paradox is represented by the following:

  • loving each other / hating each other 
  • being best friends / being enemies 
  • wanting to be completely hooked at the hip / wanting nothing to do with the other 
  • missing each other / hurting each other 
always ultimately loving each other.

it's so funny watching you guys together -- you're so incredibly different. you always spend more time on the positive side of the paradox spectrum, might i add. the hating each other lasts one of two seconds because separating you two is worse for you both. the days you spend apart, you eat up the evenings catching up on play time. watching you two reunite after even just an hour or two apart is the best ever. wyatt, you can't find your words fast enough through the excitement of sharing whatever you believed to be the highlight of your day that summer would appreciate the most. whatever you both do without the other, you're always thinking about each other. when wyatt and i are out and about during your nap, summer - he is ALWAYS thinking about you and talking about you. always wanting to get you something since you aren't there. always considering her. summer, you do the same thing. always asking what wyatt's doing when he isn't with us, always including him in our conversation, and wanting to bring him something when we get home.

you both love playing school together upstairs. you color together, play babies together, talk on walkie talkies, watch movies, dance and sing together. you're both obsessed with white boards. and you are currently loving trolls and the secret life of pets. you watch peppa every morning, sometimes daniel tiger. wyatt, you sleep later than summer STILL - typically coming into our room first, and either crawling in our bed for a show or scaring me when you creep up on me after getting out of the shower. summmer, you're up in the 5s most days - always going to your daddy's side first. LOVE YOU for that. the first thing you say is either -- "da-eeeeee, fawfee." or "da-eeee, shows." It's always two words, even though you speak in complete sentences. you whisper now, but still walk like you have clogs on your feet in the morning. heel, toe, heel, toe, heel toe.

summer - your hair is either a complete mess, or perfectly braided. there's no in between. you are obsessed with your bunny puppet. you love hugging and kissing, and singing and cuddling. you are equally in love with daddy and i -- finally, i moved up on your list! you say i love you randomly. you compliment people at random times. "i love your face. i like your bag." or "i like your eyebrows and ears." you often call out that you and i are similar. even this morning, you said "i love you mommy. we both have gy-nas." dead.

wyatt - you yourself can be a walking contradiction. strongwilled and persistant, sensitive and vulnerable. you are starting to really enjoy being read to, especially jack and annie chapter books. that is our thing every night -- the best reward is to be read to before bed, and the biggest consequence is when i take it away for not listening or talking back. yah, you are definitely 5 going on 15 sometimes. the talking back is super fun.

you both enjoy swimming and being outside. winter months are hard on you for this reason, but thankfully your school still takes you outside rain or shine twice a day - because lord knows, i do not. your dad is the go to adventure guy on the weekends -- always taking you both somewhere saturday mornings usually. donuts, coffee, grammy and papas. i am the 1:1 parent - you can count on me for a trip to target or costco "just us".

one of your favorite things ever is when gramma spends the night when daddy and i bolt out of here for a date night away. she lets you do just about anything as long as you don't fight, whine, or cry. you build massive forts in the living room, watch movies and stay up late, and who knows what else. you are lucky kids -- you have so many people that want to spend time with you. choose to do that over other things. gramma preferred to ring in the new year with you two crazies instead of go out on the town. see? that much.

we love you so dang much. i try every day to be the best i can for you - and you continue to do the same. we hate disappointing each other. every day is a new day, and each day we get better and better at accepting all of the parts of the day, even the shitty ones, as the best parts. you make us so proud to be your parents.

love, love, love you more.


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